Sunday, December 2, 2018

Exchange 2016 Planning Diagram: Hybrid

If you follow my blog, you know that I like to use Visio to draw pretty pictures to use when planning out Messaging Environments. Examples can be found here, here and here. The diagrams really come in handy when presenting a build to a new client, or to your higher-ups so they can see what the finished setup will look like.

I just happen to be planning out an Exchange 2016 Hybrid scenario, which will use the current on-premises Exchange environment and expand it out to Office 365. What a great chance to create a new diagram!

Feel free to grab the Visio diagram further down in the post and edit it to match your environment, in order to save time in creating one yourself.

Exchange 2016 Hybrid Planning Overview

In my example below, we're starting with a 3-node Exchange 2016 DAG with the accepted domain of "domain.com" and "mail.domain.com" as the namespace.

We have a two-arm Load Balancer (one NIC or "arm" in the DMZ, and one in the Internal LAN) which will server up mail.domain.com for our users that have mailboxes homed on-prem.

An on-premises Skype For Business Front End (SFB1.domain.com), with Unified Messaging going to the on-prem Exchange servers.

We're going to expand the on-prem Exchange out into Office 365, creating a Hybrid Environment.

This will require adding:

An Azure AD Connect Server for DirSync (AAD.domain.com)

An ADFS Server for authentication (ADFS.domain.com)

And installing the Hybrid Server on Exchange (hybrid.domain.com)

**Note** You'll want to edit the generic names of the domain to match your environment.

As you can see in the diagram, all the new servers are added, with the connection flow to/from Exchange and O365.

Exchange 2016 Hybrid Overview

To edit the diagram to fit your organization, you'll need to download the Exchange/Office 365 Visio stencils from Microsoft, so the shapes will render correctly.

Once you have those downloaded, move them to C:\Users\Your_User\Documents\My Shapes

Then, hop over to my Google Drive and grab the Exchange Hybrid Overview.vsdx

Happy diagramming :)

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