Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Exchange 2013 Planning Diagrams - Part 3: DAG Mount Points

This is the final part of my Exchange 2013 Planning Visio diagrams, and in this post we'll deal with the DAG Mount Points with AutoReseed enabled.
Unlike Exchange 2010, in Exchange 2013 when a disk fails, it is able to automatically use a spare disk and then reseed the lost database(s) to the new volume.
In general, it goes like this: a disk fails, a spare is mounted, DB copies reseed, you replace the failed disk.

Exchange 2013 DAG Mount Points and Autoreseed

Its not recommended to mount your DB volumes as drive letters in a DAG because: you can run out of letters, they have to match exactly on each mailbox server, and it's just messy.

What you should do is mount your volumes as folders or mount points. You should also place your database and log files on the same volume, which Exchange 2013 makes better use of.

Here's a quick run-down of what's represented in the following diagram:

1. C:\ExchangeDatabases: Folder that hosts the databases root folders. Each of the database root folders is located on a mount point.

2. C:\ExchangeVolumes: Folder that hosts the volumes "cartridge". Under this folder, we will list the volumes that are in production to host the database folders and the "online spare" volumes.

3. DB01-DB06: These folders host the database and logs folders. For every database, there is a folder with the format - DBXX and a subfolder for the database (DBXX.db) and folder for logs (DBXX.log)

For instance, in DB01, the subfolders (DB01.db & DB01.log) are the same folders that exists below Volume1. That means that DB01 and Volume1 are pointing to the same location - 2 folders with the same mount point.

To edit this drawing, first you'll want to download the newest Exchange 2013/Office 365/Lync 2013 Visio stencils from
Microsoft so the shapes will render correctly.
Once you have those saved, stick them in C:\Users\Your User\Documents\My Shapes.

Then, hop over to my Google Drive and grab the
Exchange 2013 DAG Mount Points.vsdx

Here's a pic of the diagram if you want to cook up your own with a guide:

Exchange 2013 DAG Mount Points

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