Sunday, January 21, 2024

Teams - Get Team URL, Display Name and Owner

In my current environment, we do a lot of Litigation Holds...it's a medical org, so I mean A LOT of holds.

Not only do we have to do mailbox holds, but we have to place SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams on hold. SP and OneDrive are pretty easy as those URLs can be found in the Admin Center; not so for Teams URLs. We also need to find the owners of those Teams so they can be placed on hold as well.

I came up with a one-liner that will spit out all those URLs along with owners to make it easier to copy/paste them into the Hold in the eDiscovery Admin Center.

First, we'll need to make sure the results aren't truncated because some Teams can have several owners, and it will just show the "userna..." instead of the full name.

In M365 PowerShell, run:


Then, run:

Get-Team -User user@domain.com | foreach {Get-UnifiedGroup -Identity $_.groupid} |fl SharePointSiteUrl,managedby

**Note** user@domain.com is the account we're putting on hold and needing to find if they own any Teams. 

The output will look like this:

Teams URLs

Once you have those links, you can paste them into your eDiscovery SharePoint/OneDrive/Teams holds instead of typing everything manually.

Happy holding!

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