Saturday, June 16, 2018

Exchange Get Distribution Groups That Contain Mail Contacts

A lot of organizations, including mine, add external contacts to Distribution Groups. In my case, we have a US and EU business units and users need to be included in groups. A lot of administrative housekeeping involves reporting which of those groups contain contacts.

There's no easy oneliner or a way to grab all the groups at once in the EAC or ADUC to get that info, so I threw together a quick little script that will list those DL's for us.

You can grab the script from my Google Drive here


Copy the following block into Notepad and save it as something like Get-DL-Contacts.ps1

foreach($dl in get-group -resultsize unlimited )
  foreach ($member in $dl.members)
   $recipient = ($member | get-recipient -erroraction silentlycontinue)
   if ($recipient.RecipientType -eq "MailContact")
    Write-Host "$($dl.Name) Contains Contacts"

Once you have the .ps1 file, fire up the Exchange Management Shell, cd to the location you saved it and run Get-DL-Contacts.ps1

**Note** If you need to report on Mail Users instead of Contacts, change the $recipient.RecipientType -eq "MailContact") to $recipient.RecipientType -eq "MailUser")

Depending on the amount of distros you have, it might take a while to run (I have 1500 and it took about 30 minutes) but when it completes, you'll get the list of lists in the PS window.

**Note** When I have time I'll update the script to list both the DL's and the actual contacts within each one...unless one of my readers wants to do that for me :)

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