Saturday, March 3, 2018

SFB Client Error: You Don't Permissions Needed to Access File System

I recently had a user complain that they couldn't get their SFB client to sign-in...what's funny is we've been running SFB for over a year and they've never been able to use it.

When attempting to sign in, the following error is thrown:

Skype For Business can't sign in. You might not have the permissions needed for Skype For Business to access the Windows file system, or there might be a problem with your installation of Office.

SFB Permission Error

The user can sign in on another machine, so it's definitely something wrong with this particular client and not their account.

The Problem:

After some digging, I checked the following path on the user's machine:


The "Office" folder didn't exist, which explains why there's a permission problem...can't have perms on a non-existent folder.

The Fix:

Completely close the SFB Client and Outlook

Copy the "%localappdata%/microsoft/office" folder from a working machine to the problem machine.

Start SFB and Outlook

Now the user should be able to sign-in!

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