Thursday, November 24, 2016

Exchange PowerShell Cmdlets Repository - Updated

A loooong time ago I wrote a post on useful Exchange Shell cmdlets.
As the years have gone by I have cleaned up some old commands, and added new ones.

This is a folder shared out on my Google Drive, containing a broad range of commands, which you can download and copy paste them into the EMS (Exchange Management Shell).

Here's a listing of the commands:

Exchange - Add Full Access Without AutoMap.txt
Exchange - Block ActiveSync By Device ID.txt
Exchange - Bulk Add Public Folder Permissions.txt
Exchange - Bulk Convert User Mailbox To Shared.txt
Exchange - Bulk Create Contacts From CSV.txt
Exchange - Bulk Create Distribution Groups From CSV.txt
Exchange - Bulk Create Linked Mailboxes.txt
Exchange - Bulk Delete Messages from User Mailboxes.txt
Exchange - Bulk Remove Distribution Groups From CSV.txt
Exchange - Bulk Remove Mailbox Permissions from All Mailboxes.txt
Exchange - Bulk Remove User Mailboxes From CSV.txt
Exchange - Bulk Set Archive Quota.txt
Exchange - Check Build and Rollup Numbers.txt
Exchange - Check Database Backup Status.txt
Exchange - Clear Disconnected Mailboxes.txt
Exchange - Clear Export Import Move Requests.txt
Exchange - Clear Move Request.txt
Exchange - Convert User Mailbox To Other Type.txt
Exchange - Copy Receive Connectors.txt
Exchange - Create and Connect a Mailbox to User.txt
Exchange - Create Linked mailbox.txt
Exchange - Create Shared Mailbox.txt
Exchange - DagHealth.txt
Exchange - Disable User Mailbox.txt
Exchange - Distribution Group Member Count.txt
Exchange - Distribution Group Owners Report.txt
Exchange - Dynamic Distribution Group Member Count.txt
Exchange - Environment Report HTML.txt
Exchange - Export All Email Addresses.txt
Exchange - Export List of Alias and Displayname from a CSV.txt
Exchange - Force a GAL Update.txt
Exchange - Get All Databases Size With WhiteSpace.txt
Exchange - Get All Databases Size.txt
Exchange - Get All Dynamic Distribution Group Filters.txt
Exchange - Get Distribution Group Members.txt
Exchange - Get Distribution Groups With No Members.txt
Exchange - Get Folder Count In a Mailbox.txt
Exchange - Get List of Aliases from Display Names.txt
Exchange - Get List of Aliases From Full Names.txt
Exchange - Get List of Full Access Permissions.txt
Exchange - Get List of IP Relays.txt
Exchange - Get list of Largest Mailboxes.txt
Exchange - Get List of Mailboxes by OU.txt
Exchange - Get List of Members in Dynamic Distribution List.txt
Exchange - Get List of Messages Sent From a Domain.txt
Exchange - Get List of Resource Mailboxes.txt
Exchange - Get List of Room Mailboxes.txt
Exchange - Get List of SMTP Addresses by OU.txt
Exchange - Get Mailbox Count On Each Database.txt
Exchange - Get Mailbox Folder Sizes For User.txt
Exchange - Get Mailbox Quotas Not Set to Default.txt
Exchange - Get Mailbox Quotas.txt
Exchange - Get Mailbox Size For an OU.txt
Exchange - Get Mailbox Stastics On Each Server.txt
Exchange - Get Mailboxes With Forwarding Set.txt
Exchange - Get Outlook for iOS and Android Users.txt
Exchange - Get Public Folder Database Report.txt
Exchange - Mailbox and Archive Move To Other Databases.txt
Exchange - Mailbox Export.txt
Exchange - Mailbox Import.txt
Exchange - Move Public Folders to New Mailbox.txt
Exchange - Recall Emails.txt
Exchange - Recover Items From Mailbox Dumpster.txt
Exchange - Redistribute Databases Across DAG.txt
Exchange - Remove Database and DB Copy.txt
Exchange - Remove Mailbox Forwarding By OU.txt
Exchange - Remove Virus from Mailboxes.txt
Exchange - Set SingleItemRecovery On All Mailboxes.txt
Exchange - Show Deleted Mailboxes in DB's in the EAC.txt
Exchange - Test Health of Servers.txt
Exchange - View Export Request Statistics.txt
Exchange - View Mailbox Size List.txt
Exchange - View Move Request Statistics.txt

Link: Exchange PowerShell Commands.zip

**Note** Its on Google Drive and you can choose individual files to download, or hit CTRL+S to get the whole archive.

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