Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Exchange 2013 Planning Diagrams - Part 1: Overview

I'm starting a small series on Exchange 2013 planning where I've created some Visio diagrams/drawings that lay out how I'm designing a environment. I know that a lot of Exchange admins don't have time to create drawings for a visual representation to show to (non-tech) upper management, so feel free to grab these and edit them to match your organization.

Exchange 2013 Planning Overview

The first drawing I'm presenting is the overview of the Exchange 2013 environment.

We'll be standing up two (2) datacenters in separate sites, with a 3rd site/datacenter for the DAG Fileshare Witness; all connected by MPLS.
Each main datacenter will house three (3) Multirole Exchange 2013 servers, configured in a 6-node DAG. We will have SPAM filtering, Load Balancers (LB's), and Reverse Proxies in a DMZ in each location. You can use your LB's as Reverse Proxies if they support it, which most newer ones do.

First, you'll want to download the newest Exchange 2013/Office 365/Lync 2013 Visio stencils from Microsoft so the shapes will render correctly.
Once you have those saved, stick them in C:\Users\Your User\Documents\My Shapes.

Then, hop over to my Google Drive and grab the Exchange 2013 Planning Overview.vsdx

Here's a pic of the diagram if you want to cook up your own with a guide:

Exchange 2013 Planning Overview