After years of Enterprise Messaging, I have built up quite the repository of scripts, Visio Diagrams, PowerShell cmdlets and such, so I decided to include a one-stop downloads page where readers can grab what you need without having to search through 100's of blog posts ;)


This script will compare members of distribution group with those of dynamic distribution group:


This script will create Archive Mailboxes for all users by grabbing the Primary Database that the mailbox is homed on, and append the number to match the Archive DB:


This script will create Archive Mailboxes for users in a .txt file, which you will need to supply. It will then grab the DB that their mailbox is homed on, and append the number to match the Archive DB:


This script will get distribution groups that contain external contacts


This script pulls the members of a Dynamic Distribution Group and generates a nicely formatted HTML report that the user can easily read:


This script counts all items in all mailboxes in your Exchange Environment and reports the total:


This script counts all items in all mailboxes in a specified Database and reports the total:


This script will create a report for Mailboxes on Litigation Hold and output the list to HTML:


This script will recover dumpster items back their original folders, using AQS and hardcoded date-range:


This script will set all calendaring values to default for the specified mailbox:



This is a guide (in different e-reader formats) that will walk you through setting up a greenfield Exchange 2016 environment in a Resource Forest:

Exchange 2016 Resource Forest Setup v1.epub

Exchange 2016 Resource Forest Setup v1.mobi

Exchange 2016 Resource Forest Setup v1.pdf


This is a diagram showing a 6-node/two-site Exchange environment to use when planning your install:

Exchange 2013_2016 Planning Overview.vsdx

Exchange Planning Overview


This is a diagram showing the layout for a 6-node DAG:

Exchange 2013_2016 DAG Overview.vsdx

DAG Overview

This is a diagram showing the LUN mapping for a DAG for presenting storage to your Exchange servers:

Exchange 2013_2016 LUN Map.vsdx


This is a diagram showing DAG mount point setup:

Exchange 2013_2016 DAG Mount Points.vsdx

DAG Mount Points

This is a diagram showing an Exchange 2016 Hybrid for planning your roll-out:

Exchange 2016 Hybrid Overview.vsdx

Exchange 2016 Hybrid Overview

A checklist to go by when updating Exchange 2013/2016 servers:

Exchange 2013_2016 Update Checklist.docx
Giant txt repository of Exchange Shell cmdlets, which you can copy/paste into the shell...and not have to remember hundreds of them:

Exchange PowerShell Cmdlets Repository
Reg Hacks
This registry edit is for Outlook to use the online GAL instead of the OAB while in cached mode:

Force GAL For Outlook Cache Mode

This registry edit will allow Outlook to connect externally without being joined to the domain:

Outlook 2016 for Non-Domain Computers

This registry edit will allow both Teams and Skype For Business add-ins to be loaded into Outlook:

SFB Addin Load At Start

Migration Tools

This is a zip of several tools used for gathering specifics on an Exchange environment before preforming a migration:

Exchange Intel Gathering Tools