Sunday, January 21, 2018

Skype For Business Convert CsUser to CsMeetingRoom

In a previous post, I went over converting a Room Mailbox to a Linked Mailbox. During the Linked Room account conversion in the Exchange Resource Forest, we had already set up the Skype For Business account as a regular CsUser account in our Accounts Forest. I needed that CsUser account to be a SFB Meeting Room account.

**Note** While a standard SFB user account can be used for a meeting room, an actual Meeting Room account will give you more control over the conferencing device. From my experience, it also affects the presence of the contact...a standard user will show "offline" unless in a meeting.

So, I needed a quick way to convert that CsUser to a CsMeetingRoom without having to delete and re-create the account.

Luckily PowerShell makes it easy!

On your SFB server, fire up the SFB Management Shell and run the following:

Get-CsUser "bld 51 conference room b" | Enable-CsMeetingRoom -SipAddress "sip:confrmb@exchangeitup.com" -RegistrarPool pool1.exchitup.com

**Note** Change "bld 51 conference room b", "sip:confrmb@exchangeitup.com", and pool1.exchitup.com to match your environment.

To check that it works, run:

Get-CsMeetingRoom | fl name,sipaddress,registrarpool

And you'll get the following:

Name                    : Bld 51 Conference Room B
SipAddress           : sip:confrmb@exchangeitup.com
RegistrarPool       : pool1.exchitup.com

You'll also note that the user can no longer be seen in the SFB Control Panel, because Meeting Rooms can only be managed with the SFB Shell.

Now the presence should work correctly and you can book that room and have it join your conferences!

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