Saturday, January 20, 2018

Exchange Convert Room Mailbox to Linked Mailbox

I'm in the process of setting up Skype For Business Meeting Rooms and the issue is: my Exchange 2016 environment is installed in a Resource Forest, and SFB is located in the Accounts Forest.

This means we need Linked Mailboxes for the Rooms in order for the conferencing devices to login to SFB.

I already have tons of Room Mailboxes created in Exchange, and I really didn't want to delete and re-create those. So, I needed to be able to convert them to Linked Room Mailboxes.

According to MS TechNet, you have to disconnect the mailbox, and then create a linked account and connect the mailbox. That isn't required; you can convert directly with the following steps.

Create an AD account in the Accounts Forest.

Next, enable the new AD account as a SFB Meeting Room

Fire up the SFB Management Shell and run:

Enable-CsMeetingRoom -Identity "Bld51ConferenceRoomB" -SipAddress "sip:Bld51ConferenceRoomB@exchangeitup.com" -RegistrarPool "pool1.exchitup.com"

**Note** Change the Identity, SipAddress, and Pool to match your environment

DirSync the new account to the Resource Forest with MIM or whatever sync app you use - or you can copy all proxy addresses (SIP and SMTP) over manually

In the Resource forest, fire up the EMS (Exchange Management Shell) and run:

$cred = Get-Credential

Enter your Accounts forest admin creds

Next, run:

Set-User "Bld51ConferenceRoomB" -LinkedMasterAccount "exchitup.com\Bld51ConferenceRoomB" -LinkedDomainController dc1.exchitup.com -LinkedCredential $cred

**Note** Again, change the values to match your environment

To check that it worked, run:

Get-Mailbox "Bld 51 Conference Room B" | fl name,alias,recipienttypedetails

You'll get the following output:

Name                               : Bld51ConferenceRoomB
Alias                                : Bld51ConferenceRoomB
RecipientTypeDetails      : LinkedRoomMailbox

Or check the EAC:

EAC - Linked Room Mailbox

You'll see that you now have a "Linked Room" mailbox. Now users can schedule that conference room for more boring meetings ;)

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